Black Instant Coffee G7 – Boxes 15 sachets 2gr

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Trung Nguyen, Vietnam

2 years

Black Instant Coffee G7 – Boxes 15 sachets 2gr

20,000 đ

20,000 đ

G7 Pure Soluble Coffee has a pure quintessential coffee taste, without sugar or creamer. It is perfect for black coffee lovers and people who want to make their own concoctions. Strong, bold and flavorful, this is how black coffee should be!

SKU  TN0012
Brand  Trung Nguyen
Unit  Box
Packing  24 Boxes/Carton
Net weight  15 sachets x 2gram
Size  77*58*72 mm
Exp. Date  2 years
Country Orgin  Vienam
Quality  Quality of product according to Vietnam Standard TCVN: Moisture ≤ 5%, Caffeine concentrations ≥ 0.25 %
User Guide

Adding milk or sugar as you like.

Let the coffee cool before adding ice.

See the guidance on package to get the best cup of coffee.

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